STEREOGUM – Band To Watch: Charly Bliss

“We met in line outside the show, and he had a Coke bottle full of vodka or whiskey or something. I could smell the alcohol on his breath, and I remember thinking that it felt like aMy So-Called Life episode. Like, it’s all starting…” That’s Eva Grace Hendricks, recounting the first time she met Spencer Fox outside of a Tokyo Police Club concert at New York City’s Webster Hall when they were 15. They were introduced by their mutual friend Dan Shure, now the band’s bassist, and kept in touch afterwards. During their senior year of high school, the two began making music together — “Spencer came up to me one day and was like, I bet you’ve been writing music and you haven’t been showing anyone. And he was right,” Hendricks says — and they ended up going to college in the same city, where they eventually started Charly Bliss. The band’s lineup is rounded out by Sam, Hendricks’ older brother, and their long history contributes to Charly Bliss’ undeniable chemistry.